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Hello! My name is Mia Bennett!

I have the privilege of being the president of the Princesses of Paradise! I am a 22-year-old graduate student in the Public and Corporate Communications program at Florida State University Panama City. At age 12, after winning my first pageant title I encountered a young girl with down-syndrome who told me "she wished she could be a princess too." After this experience, I continued to pursue pageantry when I was 16 and decided to share the benefits and the experience with women and girls with special needs. As I continued pageantry and sought scholarships for my future college education, I obtained many local, regional, and national crowns. While competing I also gathered skills in public speaking, interviewing, poise, and most importantly I increased my self-confidence. One day it is my hope to grow the Princesses of Paradise to a National pageant system, and continue to fight the conventional beauty standards that are reflected in magazines, and the media today. Moving forward, I want to spread the message that beauty lies within your individuality.

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